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Encyclopedic Knowledge in and of Antiquity

Workshop at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 27th-29th June 2017

Workshop (Unter den Linden 6, Room 2249a, ‘Zwischengeschoss’)



Tue 27

Wed 28

Thu 29







10–12 Constanze Güthenke (Oxford)

Boeckh Seminar




9–10 Gyburg Uhlmann (FU Berlin) ‘School Examples and Curricular Entanglements in Aristotle’s Metaphysics and other Pragmateiai’


10–10.30 Coffee


10.30–11.15 Thomas Davies (PU) ‘Arist. Phys. 2.1 and its Neoplatonic Reception’ (Resp.: Antonio Vargas, HU)


11.15–12 Moritz Hinsch (HU) ‘The Books that no one Read: The Fate of Greek Agronomists from Aristotle to Pliny’ (Resp.: Marco Blumhofer, HU)


9–9.45 Ella Haselswerdt (PU) ‘Tragic Knowledge and the Choral Subject in Aeschylus' Agamemnon’ (Response: Giulia Maria Chesi, HU)

9.45–10.30 Paul Touyz (PU) ‘Putting the Goat into Goat-Song: ancient conceptions of satyrs and theories of dramatic origins’ (Resp.: Bernd Seidensticker, FU Berlin)


10.30–11 Coffee



11–11.45 Marco Blumhofer (HU) ‘Too much to know. Imperial doxographical texts between encyclopaedia and anti-encyclopaedia’ (Resp.: Markus Asper, HU)

Knowledge in Rome

11.45–12.30 Friderike Senkbeil (HU) ‘praecipuum munus annalium – or What is worth knowing about the past? Programmatic elements in the historiographical works of Tacitus’ (Resp.: Philip Aubreville, HU)

12–13 lunch

12–13 lunch


12.30–13.30 lunch


13–14 Markus Asper (HU) / Joshua Billings (PU) / Martin Stöckinger (HU)



14–14.45 Mathura Umachandran (PU) ‘Auerbach's Homer, or Re-reading the Sublime’ (Response: Nina Ogrowsky, HU)


14.45–15.15 Coffee


15.15–16.15 Anna Echterhölter (HU) ‘The Political Economy of Units: August Boeckh, Historical Metrology, and Households’



16.15–17.15 Philip van der Eijk / Ricarda Gäbel  (HU) ‘Ancient Medical "Encyclopaedias" – The Case of Aetius of Amida’



Knowledge and Language

13–14 Thorsten Fögen (Durham / Cologne / HU) ‘Die Etymologiae des Isidor von Sevilla als Fachtext’


14–14.45 Hanna Gołąb (PU) ‘Performing Acrostics: Ritual Knowledge in Late Hellenistic Susa’ (Resp.: Joshua Katz, PU)


14.45–15.15 Coffee


15.15–16.45 Joshua Billings and Joshua Katz (PU) Workshop on Etymologies


16.45–19 break


19–21 lecture by

Kai Brodersen (Erfurt) ‘Vom Bosporos über Ochsenfurth nach Oxford: Etymologien und Eigennamen im Griechisch-Lexikon’

(sponsored by the Department of Ancient History)

Friedrichstraße 191–193, room 4026

13.30–15 Katharina Volk / Jim Zetzel (Columbia) Workshop ‘Roman Wissenschaft of the Late Republic between ratio and consuetudo


15–15.30 Coffee


15.30–16.15 Christian Badura (FU Berlin) ‘Encyclopedic and 'cyclopedic' knowledge in Varro and Ovid's Fasti’ (Resp.: Martin Stöckinger, HU)


16.15–17 Concluding Discussion