Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - E-Assessment

Higher Education Policy

Humboldt-Universität supports e-learning and e-assessment within the scope of future concepts. In this sense, the university is expanding its digital teaching and learning landscape (HDL3), which centres on the Moodle learning management system.


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, no coherent E-education strategy has yet been developed, but digital teaching, learning and examining have gained considerable importance in higher education policy. Even though this was triggered by the pandemic, there are already many efforts to avoid a return to the pre-pandemic situation.


This development is made possible, among other things, by

  • the 8th change to the ZSP-HU (Interdisciplinary Statutes for the Regulation of Admission, Studies and Examinations, 8th change, as of 19.5.2020; cf. non-official reading versions), which regulates digital examinations and the use of ICT technologies;
  • extension of the technical infrastructure (server capacities, videoconferencing licences, etc.);
  • cross-faculty exchange opportunities; 
  • support services for teachers and examiners;
  • setting incentives for digital teaching (Media Commission);
  • step-by-step conversion of the administration to better connected and digital processes.


Thanks to this stronger focus on an increasingly digitalised university, the topic of inclusion or accessible teaching is also receiving new impetus.