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The possibilities of using digital examinations (e-assessment, e-examinations) complement the range of examinations offered by Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin as a designated presence university and enrich the examination culture in a digital world.

E-assessment includes all digital forms of examinations, both face-to-face and at a distance, which are conducted using information and communication technologies.



Quickstart "E-Assessment"

Are you looking for a simple introduction to the implementation of digital exams? Then the step-by-step guide in our E-Assessment Guide might be right for you.

You want to find out about the legal conditions that apply to digital examinations at the HU? Then please refer to the Implementation Regulation (AV) Digital Examinations.

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You want to know more?

Are you interested in the development of examinations at the HU and in e-assessment in scientific theory? Then please take a look at the section Higher Education Policy Development.

Do you need help or advice in the broad field of digital examinations? Then get in touch with us or take advantage of our consultation services.


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