Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - E-Assessment

Guide E-Assessment

The Guide to E-Examinations (E-Assessment) at the HU Berlin summarises the essential conditions for digital examinations and offers recommendations for the implementation of digitally supported forms of examination.


Accelerated by the Covid 19 pandemic, the range of examinations offered at Humboldt-Universität has also been expanded to include e-assessment (e-examinations) as of the summer semester 2020, insofar as the requirements of the individual subjects allow(ed) this. Since then, digital examinations at a distance (distance examinations) and in presence have been part of the canon of examination forms (cf. § 96 12th amendment ZSP-HU of 29.11.2021).

Although HU Berlin is a face-to-face university, didactic developments such as the inverted classroom model and blended learning, technical possibilities such as video conferencing and its own examination system, legal framework conditions for dealing with the answer-choice procedure and distance (supervisory) examinations as well as changed organisational processes have become an integral part of the university's everyday life.

The Guide also takes this change in higher education policy into account. It is intended to provide a structured overview of the topic of e-examinations and e-assessment at the HU that can be applied to all faculties. The guide is oriented towards the decision-making and work process for digital examinations by showing step-by-step the stages from the idea of a digital examination to its archiving.