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Methodological questions for Globalized Classics

August 10–21, Monday–Friday 15–18 h, Unter den Linden 6, 10117 Berlin


Anthony Grafton (Princeton University)

Constanze Güthenke (University of Oxford)


This series of joint meetings dedicated to questions concerning the study of antiquity and pre-modern culture in a global perspective. The seminar, which started the summer school, concerned not only specific ways of organizing knowledge of ancient culture within definite institutional frameworks, but also interdisciplinary prospects for methodological reflection between the various disciplines dedicated to the study of pre-modern culture, including (but not only) the Classics. Our questions departed from the methodology presented in August Boeckh’s Encyklopädie und Methodologie der philologischen Wissenschaften, thus opened a line of questions concerning assumptions in the modern study of antiquity. What does it mean to understand the pre-modern past in a globalized perspective? How are modern scholarly practices in the Classics, globally understood, constituted or formed by their objects?


Participants: Heba Abd el Gawad (Durham University), Tomás Bartoletti (University of Buenos Aires/Humboldt-University Berlin), Gaston J. Basile (University of Buenos Aires), Jorge Elices (University Autonoma of Madrid), Christian B. Flow (Princeton University), Erik Fredericksen (Princeton University), Jonas Goehler (Ruprecht-Karl-University Heidelberg), Sienna Kang (Stanford University), Joanna Klos (University of Warsaw), Marina Larrosa (National University of Rosario), Alina T. Lettner (University of Kassel), Qanita Lilla (University of Stellenbosch), Tycho Maas (University of Stellenbosch), Roberto S. Morales (École Normale Supérieure Paris), Fabio Pagani (Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities), Victoria Rotar (University of Wales Trinity Saint David), Elisabeth Schwab (University of Göttingen), Goda Thangada (University of Chicago), Leihua Weng (Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma), Alexander Winkler (Free University Berlin), Kenneth W. Yu (University of Chicago)